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EmerGently!  - Normalizing birth for Global Peoples

I have three new passions and this is one of them. I have worked with Diana Paul (creator of the word EmerGently!) and Marina of Russia (graphics artist for the images) and Godwin of Zimbabwe (layout). The brochure is a free download for all the world. Donations for this project can be made at lovedelivers.org and proceeds go to the Global Midwifery Council in helping normalize simple and sacred birth around the world. Spread it far and wide and use on your websites and share with your families. My vision for the icon is that it become an international viewpoint in airports, hospitals, shelters, foot ball stadiums, etc. (like a toilet, running figure or bottle) where pregnant wimyn or laboring/birthing wimyn would know they have a safe space to be. A version will be done soon that can be lamina <br>ted and can be shrank or enlarged for instructional purposes. These can go in fire stations, police quarters, hostels, shelters, hospitals, etc. for enduring and easy access. India has requested this first as conditions are inadequate for delicate brochure stands. Of course, as you know, that is my original intention. But the brochures will be useful as well for conferences, offices, fund raising, etc. It is a gift out to the world. May Creator use this to take the fear from birth and return joy and mystery to the beginning of life. ~ Sister to Sister

This pamphlet was designed by the Global Midwifery Council to address the crisis in childbirth worldwide. Simple graphics depict the most essential guidelines for a normal, healthy birth. Communicating directly without even the need for language, it is designed to assist safe birth in the deepest reaches of the planet.

The brochure heralds the restoration of birth as a normal process of a woman’s body rather than an illness, and of society as a protector of mothers and babies at birth. Every woman, man and youth should know these simple ways to help a birthing woman, emergency or not.

 Available as a free download or durable glossy brochures to put in clinics, shelters, fire and police stations, libraries, schools and hospitals.



Basic Disaster Birth Support Training

This training is for all citizens, not just birth keepers. BDBS prepares us to be the calm and knowledgeable support for a birthing mother when circumstances prevent her from reaching her planned site of birth. Did you know that simple actions like privacy, warmth, dim lighting and keeping baby in mother's arms with cord attached can save lives? If you or your group of colleagues or friends are interested in this training or Physiological Resuscitation of the Newborn or the EmerGently birth guide, please feel welcomed to contact sister morningstar with questions or to schedule a training.


Sister’s 2018 Travel Schedule

Spring Hawaiian Islands
October 15-22 Germany

Spiritual Pilgrimage

The Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Holy Mother, La Virgin de San Juan de Los Lagos, is hundreds of years old. Some say the pilgrimage pre-dates colonization. Beginning from the little village of Atotonilco, we walked 9 days over mountains and crossing streams along side children, elders, babies in rebozo, toddlers on shoulders and the devoted carrying crosses, banners and icons all the while chanting and singing. We began walking in the early morning hours before dawn; fireworks announcing the movement of the pilgrims. We left with a group of about 8,000 and arrived with nearly two million. Here is a glimpse of the journey in 2016. May the great love that carried us within this sea of humanity bring a miracle to you who behold these 100,000 images.


One World - One Family

Tabitha meditating

In Raising Divine Children, I invited folks to send me photos of their children creating cairns (sacred stone altars) as a way to show global solidarity and send a world wide message that children and nature belong together. The following global children are saying, "YES WE DID!" as they travel the world leaving their hand print on the belly of Mother Earth. We have been told for many centuries that a little child will lead us. May it be so. May it be so.


mountain/sea shore of cairns on Maui, HA, USA


great cairn of StoneHenge, England, UK

MorningStar and Cairns on the Pacific seashore of San Diego, CA 2007

MorningStar and Cairns on the Pacific seashore of San Diego, CA 2007


Welcome to MorningStar Community's comida 2 Cookbook! comida 2 is more than an expanded vegetarian cookbook, it is a glimpse into our way of living. As well as unique, nourishing and inspiring recipes, it contains wellness education and ideas for creating your own medicine bag. Enjoy having this heirloom in your kitchen and passing it on to the next generation....and the next!  214 pages.

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[Editor's note: This is an excerpt of an article which appears in Midwifery Today, Issue 109, Spring 2014. To read the rest of this article, order your copy of Midwifery Today, Issue 109.]

Midwifery Today online excerpt:

Honoring Placenta Wisdom

by Sister MorningStar

MorningStar book: The Power of Women - Instinctual Birth Stories - available Now!


From Alexandra Feroah of San Diego, California….

"I feel like this book is feeding my soul…Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've felt a powerful force awaken within me; a pervasive sense of purpose and courage that's driving me to understand what undisturbed birth really is and to fight for it. Thank You! As one of the newest/youngest birth workers in San Diego, I promise to protect birth and to help foster a strong sisterhood of women who are committed to doing the same. I am forever grateful…"

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I am by nature a story teller. Maybe all women are. It is easier to hear Truth in a story. It is easier to remember Truth in a story. Following is an excerpt from the upcoming book - The Power of Women. Make a cup of tea and treat yourself to listening to a wisdom that will lighten the heart, enliven the bones and open your own voice for story telling.

From the Introduction to Chapter One - Stories of Power

“You are a Strong Woman!” I told her as she wobbled faint of body and spirit. “Look at me and say, “I am a Strong Woman!”

“I am a S · T · R · O · N · G woman, she responded deliberately and slowly. The full moon made dappled light in our little room in the woods.

“MorningStar, if I am a S · T · R · O · N · G woman, why don’t I feel it?,” she asked, tired and sick and weak. Just then she pushed out her largest baby girl and held her to her warm breast. “You were right!” she exclaimed in power, “I am a Strong Woman!”

Women birth everywhere – in woods, in shacks, in quaint homes and suburbs and palaces, under trees, in taxis, and lately, in clinics and hospitals. It is hard to birth in power without privacy and love and a place called home. It is hard to birth in power if you’re scared or sick or tired. It is hard for a midwife to help you if she is far from help herself and especially if she doesn’t know how to make good word medicine.

The instinctual life will create word medicine, even if you are on an island. I’ve never met a womyn who wouldn’t get her baby out if she were on an island. And I don’t believe she would flop on her back and put her feet in the air. Though I imagine she might squat and crawl and walk and pant and rest and hold on and let go and weep and sing and call to the Gods, and in the end, cry out in power… in great triumph… in wet Bliss.

These stories are those kind of stories…

Stories of power and triumph and bliss.

MorningStar Blessing

May you honor the fullest expression of your divine nature and reflect it in the world around you.



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