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Shanti PublicationsTM

Shanti Publications was created to provide you with publications to enhance
your instinctual life through education, inspiration and empowerment. Shanti
offers a variety of published materials as well as educational and spiritual
enhancement programs. For more info contact sister@sistermorningstar.com.

EmerGently Brochure - Birth is Normal!

emergently iconDesigned by the Global Midwifery Council to address the crisis in childbirth worldwide.

"I learned more reading this brochure than I learned in all our childbirth education classes." Keith from California "I was afraid for my wife to plan our third child to be born at home. But not after reading the EmerGently brochure!" Mika of Russia

Available as a free download.

Glossy, beautiful and inspiring brochures available in groups


10 for $10.00 item # EGB-10

100 for $50.00. item # EGB-100

Welcoming Sophie!

Welcoming Sophie is a still life documentary of a first time mother having a home waterbirth. The Native American flute overlay is played by the mother's sister. The documentary was created by Sister MorningStar and has been a powerful and inspirational educational tool around the world. It is offered here out of deep respect for all who value the irreplaceable and unique superiority of homebirth in relation to the short and long term well being of mamababy, both physically and psychologically. It may be that the survival of our species is enhanced and preserved through home births such as Welcoming Sophie. If you have comments or questions, please do not hesitate to write sister@sistermorningstar.com. You are equally invited and encouraged to visit worldbirthhub.com and globalmidwiferycouncil.com . May the simple and sacred lead us to a more peace filled planet. Shanti

We would appreciate your supportive donation for the viewing of this birth video.

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Red Earth Menstrual Pads for
New Earth Wimyn

Mountain View

Soft, handmade, flannel and cotton womyn-cloth pads for the many cycles in a womyn's life. Perfect for moon flow or extra protection whenever needed. Winged pad with velcro attachment and insert options for heavier days. Perfect for postpartum mothers too! Earth friendly. Superior for feminine hygiene and health. Signature design and made to order. Draw string bag included.

"I love the way they feel, that they are natural fibers next to my delicate skin and the fact that I can reuse them. But most importantly, I love the fact that nothing is pulling my "lady parts" down and out when I want them to hold integrity up and in!"

Pads Pad1
Pad2 Pads
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comida 2


Welcome to MorningStar Community's comida 2 Cookbook! comida 2 is more than an expanded vegetarian cookbook, it is a glimpse into our way of living. As well as unique, nourishing and inspiring recipes, it contains wellness education and ideas for creating your own medicine bag. Enjoy having this heirloom in your kitchen and passing it on to the next generation....and the next!  214 pages.

comida 2 Cookbook - $29.00           item # c2    

Special Holy Day seasonal price $25.00

Soul Blossom Wild Womyn Healing Balm

This holy, organic salve is created and blessed on the Holyland by community herbalists. The herbs are wild crafted or organically cultivated and added to an organic base and lovingly, soulfully prepared for use in our home healing practices. We heartfully share it with you. May your soul blossom even as your wounds heal.


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Soul Blossom made Perfect!!!

From Caryn in California....."Thank you so much for everything. I just received my order today and I am absolutely in Love with them all so thank you again. You should be expecting another order from me and probably this week. Everything came perfectly packaged and I am absolutely in love with it already."

Our Live Slow Tees birthed out of our Yoga and Wimyn's Retreats. We promote World Peace and Global Solidarity. Wearing the Live Slow motto close to our skin reminds us to live from a place of soulful intention. The words MorningStar Community ~ Live Slow ~ surround a celtic icon of crowns. Sage-ish green type on a white. Feels soul great, once you put it on, it's hard to take it off.

new shirts
Live Slow T-Shirt: $20.00         item # LSTS  

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Traditional Wimyn's Prayer Card

Enhanced with our inspirational icons, our 4.5x6.5 inch prayer card offers oral tradition wimyn's wisdom. Invite your soul to blossom by incorporating this beautiful prayer into your daily life, or as a lovely addition to your altar.

Prayer card $6           item # WPC          

Simple & Sacred Post-it Style Notes

Using one of our beautiful icons and the MorningStar Community mantra, we created these 3x4 inch specialty post-it style notes to inspire our daily work. We share with you in the hope of passing on our simple and sacred blessing.

25-sheet post-it note pad $2.50           item # SSP          


Wonderful T-Shirt
T-shirtLogo.jpg  Ts

It is an American Apparel, 100% brushed cotton, boat neck, 3/4 sleeve, classic black, ADORABLE! Adult sizes run small.

Ladies X-Large and Gentlemen are box tee style.

Extra Large Temporarily Out of Stock

Ladies: $22.00
Gentlemen's: $21.00
M (8-10), L (12-14)

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Order Wonderful Stickers

Order 10 for $2.00

Holiness in the Morning by Sister MorningStar - A Book about Traditional and Instinctual Prayer. Price: $20.00

Creation by Sister MorningStar - An Educational Documentary about Instinctual
Birth. Price: $30.00

Divine Children's Songs and Stories - A Grandmother's Wisdom & Wee One Voices. Price: $10.00

Sanskrit Made Simple by Sister
- Yoga Philosophy in pocket
cards. Price: $15.00

Maternal Rosary by Sister MorningStar - Ethnic Finger Rosary with Inspirational Prayer Guide. Price: $10.00

World Peace Yoga Bookmark - We created this bookmark especially for use in our Yoga studies. Based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the bookmark content focuses specifically on Sutra 1:33. Laminated to last a lifetime.
Price: $2.50

A Child's Way - Written and Illustrated by Sister Morningstar. For ages 1-7. A Child's first reader rich in color and designed to capture the fantasy of the natural world while providing repetition for site reading.
Price: $10.00

A Child's Birth - Written and Illustrated by Sister Morningstar. For ages 1-7. Created to invite dialogue about the spiritual and physical nature of birth and to answer the question, "Where do we come from?"
Price: $7.50

A Child's A, B, C Coloring Book - Illustrated by child Tabitha Mountjoy. For ages 3-7. Created to teach upper and lower case letters, sounds, and usage through a child's eyes.
Price: $5.00

A Child's Dictionary - Written and Photographed by Sister Morningstar. For ages 1-100. Created to teach letters, sounds, grammar while inspiring dialogue about gender, race, language, religion and the diverse fabric of our natural and cultural worlds. Price: $10.00




We are deeply grateful for your supportive donation to the holy work of MorningStar Community Spiritual Centre for Instinctual Living, Inc.

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